The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine

The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine

Dragonlings of Valdier

A lonely woman touches the heart of a dragon who thinks he doesn’t have one with the help of some mischievous, well-meaning Dragonlings.

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A batch of heart-shaped cookies stirs the imagination of the dragonlings and their friends when Carmen shares a magical tale of love. It will take a very special Valentine, a few mischievous dragonlings, their best friends, some clueless warriors, and two enchanting Goddesses to help a lonely woman find the dragon who loves her.

Love is in the air and not even the mighty warriors of the Valdier, Curizan, and Sarafin are immune to the power of celebrating their feelings for the women who have changed their lives. Hearts, glue, and glitter abound when the warriors help the dragonlings on their quest to assist Cupid in this delightful tale of love, hope, and happiness.


“Mommy, can I have a cookie?” Phoenix asked, peeking above the table after she had crawled up on to one of the chairs to see what her mom was doing.

Carmen turned a soft, loving gaze to Phoenix and nodded. “Yes, but just one, I don’t want it to spoil your lunch,” she said with a smile.

Phoenix scowled and shook her head.

“I can eat slots of cookies and still eats lunch. My dragon is always hungry,” she replied with a serious expression.

“Did you makes hearts? I love hearts!”

“I know you like hearts, that’s one reason I made them in this shape,” Carmen chuckled and tapped Phoenix’s nose with a finger tip covered in frosting. “Oh my, you have red frosting on your nose!”

“Frosting? Is that the yummy sweet stuff?” Creon growled, stepping into the kitchen and sniffing in appreciation before looking at Phoenix when she turned her head and grinned up at him.

“I think I need to lick that off!”

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  1. Joanne Rountree says:


    Please please finish it !!!!! ???

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Joanne. I promise to do my best! <3 Last year was a very unusual and crazy year. I'm hoping this one will be much better! 😀

  2. S.E. Smith says:

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    Thank you, Heather!

  3. jacqueline hunter says:

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    Good morning Susan
    Just a question what happened to Jarmins jane doe ? I cant find the ebook on any of the sites i dont want to miss any of your books so could you let me know where i can find it please it was mentioned at the end of Risteards unwilling empress
    Hoping to hear soon Jacqueline

    1. admin says:

      All is good, Jacqueline, you havent missed it. Jarmen’s Jane Doe will be released later in 2018.
      ~ Narelle

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