The Great Easter Bunny Hunt – Dragonlings of Valdier

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt

Dragonlings of Valdier

Alien eggs can only mean one thing – an adventure!

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Alien eggs can only mean one thing – an adventure!

A pile of unusual eggs leads to an exciting Easter egg hunt for the kids and the adults alike in this delightful holiday tale. The children must work together to recover Jabir’s coveted eggs after the Great Easter Bunny is caught taking them away. Can the Dragonlings and their besties save the day?


“Really, Ha’ven? You just couldn’t resist, could you?” Trelon asked with a disgusted voice.

“You look fine, Trelon,” Vox said.

“You aren’t the one wearing a dress and pink toe nails,” Trelon retorted. Trelon awkwardly turned and rested his paw covered hands on his hips. His vision was partially blocked by the cover of the mask he was wearing. This had to be the absolute stupidest stunt he had ever been involved in before.

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    Did not get the newsletter to download the great Easter bunny hunt new book

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      I’m sending it to you now.

  2. Sol says:

    Hi I just subscribed. Would i still be able to get the free read of The Great Easter Bunny Hunt?

    Not sure where to look for it…


    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Yes, here you go! The Great Easter Bunny Hunt –

      1. K. says:


  3. Quintella Thomas says:

    Why you change Jabir Dragon color from Sapphire and silver to Blue

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Quintella. Sapphire is a saturated shade of blue, referring to the gem of the same name. Sapphire gems are most commonly found in a range of blue shades although they can be many different colors. Jabir is still Sapphire, changing in shades of blue with the silver on him.

      1. Quintella Thomas says:

        Ok….. Thanks because I love the idea of him being a tiny replica of his father… Love your books I have them all and a couple of pre-order books to

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