Cornering Carmen in Audiobook

Cornering Carmen Audiobook

Dragon Lords of Valdier, Book 5

Can Creon convince Carmen to give love a second chance before she risks everything – including her life – for revenge?

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Carmen Walker has spent the last three years of her life, focusing on avenging the murder of her husband. Following leads to the man responsible, she finally has a chance to bring closure to the overwhelming pain and grief that is slowly eating away at her. Catching a ride on the business jet her sister is co-piloting, she heads to California to meet with her informant. Plans change when one of the women on board is kidnapped when they land, and Carmen is mortally wounded. She wakes to find herself on board an alien warship heading to a distant world.

Creon Reykill’s skills as a warrior are legendary among the Valdier. He is credited with ending the wars between the Valdier and the Curizan and Sarafin worlds and building a strong alliance with their former enemies. But, that victory came at a cost. Creon has given up hope of ever finding his true mate, believing his soul is too dark to ever be gifted with one.

That all changes when a small, delicate female unlike anything he has ever seen before is brought to his world. The moment he sees her, he knows she belongs to him. His dragon will do anything to claim her, his symbiot will do anything to protect her, and he would do anything to chase the shadows from her eyes. For he knows he has found the light to his darkness.

Now, the challenge will be to corner her long enough for her to realize he is the only one in the universe who can heal her shattered heart. She will fight him at every turn to return home to finish what she has started. He will do everything in his power to keep her by his side. It will take every skill he possesses to stay one step ahead of her.

Can he convince her to give love a second chance before she risks everything—including her life—for revenge?


“What is this?” he asked quietly.

Carmen kept her head down and turned slightly. She had been lost in the magic of the shower and didn’t realize she wasn’t alone anymore. A shiver went through her body the moment the man behind her touched her. A part of her wanted to cover up and another part was curious about what would happen. Her body seemed to come alive all of a sudden. It had been so long since she had felt alive, she wanted to feel it for just a brief moment longer.

“It’s a phoenix,” she replied in a low husky voice.

Creon traced the edges of the beautiful creature painted on her skin. He had seen others with such images on them, but never one as beautiful as this one. The intricate lines ran from the top of her shoulder down to her hip.

The creature had a delicately curved head with small feathers rising upward. It reminded him of the woman standing in front of him. There was a look of sadness in its eyes, as if it had experienced too much pain and suffering.

The back of it curved down in a smooth line until he reached the tail feathers that were long and flowing, reaching down to touch the slight curve of her ass and wrapping around her hip. It was painted in glorious shades of reds, pinks, and soft purples. The artist had taken the time to make each individual feather unique. It was clearly a labor of love for the artist. It was as if the creature on his mate’s back had captured a part of her essence for all time.

“It is beautiful, like you. What is so special about this creature?” he asked in wonder.

“The phoenix is a mythical creature from my world,” Carmen said, lifting her head to stare straight ahead. “It lives eternally, going through a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth until it grows old,” she whispered.

He leaned forward so he could hear her softly spoken words and slid his arms around her waist. He tilted his face just enough so he could feel her warmth against his lips. He heard the pain in her voice. This creature symbolized something very important to her.

“What happens when it grows old?” he pushed quietly.

Carmen turned in his arms and raised her face to his. The water from the shower clung to her long eyelashes like tears. She looked deeply into his dark eyes, as if assessing whether she should stay or try to escape.

“It builds a special nest, then stands in the nest and is consumed by fire,” her eyes darkened with sorrow. “From the ashes of the old phoenix a new one is born to live another lifetime.”

Creon raised his hand to gently cup his mate’s cheek. “I feel so much pain inside you. It tears at me. Let me help you. Let me take away your pain,” he said hoarsely. “Let me shoulder it for you so that you can rise again.”

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  1. Nancy j says:

    When will book 8 come out? You have promised since Spring 2015. I don’t like rushing your amazing creativity but I just can’t get enough of the Lord’s of Valdier Dragon series. Please,please,please!!!

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. My creativity gets me in trouble sometimes. It is my next book (I’ve already started). If all goes well, look for an end of January release.

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