Grandma Pearl Trading Card 7

Grandma Pearl Trading Card 7

Grandma Pearl Has Met Her (Dragon) Match!

One second there was a gorgeous hunk of masculinity in front of her and the next was a mass of fire-breathing dragon with long claws and sharp teeth. Pearl had to check herself when she started to release a wolf whistle. Even as a dragon, the guy was impressive in a turn-you-on, heat-me-up kind of way.
At least, that was her first thought. Her second one was that she was in deep shit when said gorgeous dragon reached out his tail and wrapped it around her waist. A strangle cry escaped her when she felt her feet leave the ground.

Pearl’s Dragon
A Novella in the Dragon Lords of Valdier Series

A Part of the Embrace the Romance Anthology
Out October 10th
Preorder here:

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