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Skeeter’s Halloween Treat








I have a surprise Halloween treat in the Coastal Magic Halloween Flash Fiction Event! My story for this event is a Zion Warrior’s day-in-the-life holiday story, Skeeter’s Halloween Treat!

To read the first chapter AND for a chance to win a cute tote, go to the Coastal Magic website here: https://funknfiction.com/2023/10/24/2023-halloween-flash-fiction-by-s-e-smith/

There are several authors participating in the event and each story is inspired by a work of art or a photograph. This is the photo that inspired Skeeter’s Halloween Treat.




Skeeter’s Halloween Treat









His mission just went a little spooky…

Skeeter is on a mission with Gracie Jones to celebrate a new Earth holiday that Gracie has told her about—Halloween! It is the perfect chance to use her artistic talents and surprise KRAC and her dad.

Unbeknownst to Skeeter, Krac and her dad, Bulldog, are on a secret mission of their own. The guys have their hands—and soon Bulldog’s starship—full to the brim with a surprise that will change Krac and Skeeter’s life forever.

Find out what happens when Halloween turns out to be a livelier celebration than even Krac expects when he gives Skeeter a Halloween Treat that she will never forget in this Day-in-the Life-of short story from the Zion Warriors!

Don’t delay, go read the first chapter today! You will also be directed on how to download the rest of the story absolutely FREE until the last day of the event, November 1st!

While you’re there, you’ll also have the opportunity to win this adorable tote. Halloween treats all around! Instructions on how to enter for a chance to win the prize are on the Coastal Magic website. Here is the direct link again: https://funknfiction.com/2023/10/24/2023-halloween-flash-fiction-by-s-e-smith/

Happy Halloween!

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