Lords of Kassis


  • April says:

    Is Jarmen’s Jane Doe coming out soon? This, by far, is her best series….I’ve been waiting on this book to hear more about them both. Oh…I want Ajaska’s story as well! Any news? Weren’t these supposed to be out last year? I do hope Susan is feeling better and up to writing these stories!

    • S.E. Smith says:

      Hi April. As usual, I became distracted—then, sick and added a fractured ankle to the mix. I’m feeling a bit better. Jarmen’s is on my short list. You’ll be excited to know there is also another story coming out in that series! I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for being so patient!

  • Jackie says:

    Will you be doing Ajaska and Katrina’s story, I really would love to see how that would work out.

  • Shari says:

    Today is November 5th 2018, I can not find the books Jarman’s Jane Doe. Did you write it. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Jarmen’s Jane Doe is not out yet.? I feel your pain! I am wanting this book too… although I want all of Susan’s books lol. Susan’s release schedule has been knocked around with her ill health but she is slowly getting better and writing more. Susan is currently writing on Core’s Attack and Saving Runt.
      Cheers Narelle

  • Debbie Scholz says:

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    I am sooo looking forward to reading Jarmen’s Jane Doe! Thank you for writing this series and the others. I love visiting the people and worlds you have created.

  • Carol neale says:

    I have read these books they r fantastic so good reading them again is jarmens Jane doe out yet could u let me no plz also any chance of a catch up with all the babies being taught circus acts and the reactions of there dad’s love it if u could do this ty

    • S.E. Smith says:

      LOL. I see another spin off for the kids. I can just see all the mischief they could get into! I’m working on Jarmen and Jane’s story now.

  • Jennifer Onye says:

    My favorite was book 4! When will the next one come out????

  • Alexis Evans says:

    I loved Rivers Run and I’m looking forward to reading Star and Jo’s stories. I never laughed so hard and felt so many different emotions it was great. Keep up the good work.

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