Pets in Space® 4 Anthology

Release Date: October 8th, 2019!

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Pets in Space® 4 Anthology

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Thirteen incredible stories by thirteen of today’s bestselling authors.

For a limited time, Pets in Space® 4 brings together today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors to help, a non-profit charity that helps our service veterans and first responders.

Journey to far off worlds with Anna Hackett’s House of Roan or board Veronica Scott’s Nebula Zephyr for another amazing Interstellar cruise. From S.E. Smith’s Lords of Kassis, Tiffany Roberts’ The Infinite City, to Pauline Baird Jones’ Project Enterprise series, you’ll find the perfect story along with a few unusual pets.

10% of all pre-orders and the first month’s royalties of Pets in Space® 4 will again go to Open your hearts and grab your limited release copy of Pets in Space® 4 today so together we can continue to assist this worthy charity!

My story is Madas’ Falling Star from my Lords of Kassis Series

Pets in Space® 4

For a limited time only! Pets in Space® 4 is proud to present 13 amazing, original new stories! Join the adventures as today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors take you on a journey to another world. Pets in Space® 4 proudly supports, a non-profit charity that provides service animals to veterans and first responders in need.MADAS’ FALLING STAR Lords of Kassis Series by S.E. SmithEven an incredibly skillful warrior Princess needs help sometimes. Can Madas trust the strange warrior who fell from the sky with her life… and with her heart?DARK GUARDGalactic Gladiators: House of Rone SeriesBy Anna HackettA cyborg who’s vowed to keep his emotions and lethal powers leashed, discovers the one woman who can bring him to his knees.ENTWINED FATESThe Infinite City SeriesBy Tiffany RobertsBeing separated by time and distance does not lessen the love Volcair has for the woman who captured his heart.

STAR CRUISE: IDOL’S CURSEThe Sectors SF Romance SeriesBy Veronica ScottTwo crew members of an interstellar luxury liner must join forces with a retired military canine to find a missing relic before the curse brings disaster for everyone.CYBORG’S REVENGEProject Enterprise SeriesBy Pauline Baird JonesCan two almost human geeks find love while they fight against their old Master?SPYDOGThe Inherited Stars SeriesBy Laurie A. GreenAn agent must decide if he can trust the savvy female Rathskian warrior that crosses his path or if he should deliver her to his superiors.NOTHING REMOTELY FAMILIARMy Crazy Alien Romance SeriesBy Donna McDonaldNothing is normal when Topper finds herself expecting again.DOOMXian Warriors SeriesBy Regine Abel A genetically engineered war machine finds love with the human doctor who may be his only chance of survival.

WINTER’S PRINCEStarways SeriesBy Alexis Glynn LatnerA scientist looking for a genetically engineered unicorn and a historian seeking the right question find each other in an interstellar amusement park full of dangerous games. HEART OF THE SPIDER’S WEBTriSystems: Smugglers SeriesBy JC HayThe last thing Sheri needs is a brooding, brawny smuggler watching her every move, but his help is all that stands between her and a crime lord’s wrath.THE PRINCESS AND HER BODYGUARDAlien Animal Rescues SeriesBy E.D. WalkerA kidnapped princess and her bird companion must rely on the exiled guard who loves her to help them.INTERRUPTING STARLIGHTAfter The Fall SeriesBy Kyndra HatchThe human composed a song in his heart, a pull he couldn’t ignore, a draw that demanded further exploration. IMPORT QUARANTINEThe Department of Homeworld Security SeriesBy Cassandra ChandlerA simple house call to care for a sick animal turns a young woman’s life upside down when she discovers the ‘house’ is really a spaceship!


Teaser from Madas’ Falling Star, my story in Pets in Space® 4Prince Gril Tal Mod is destined to be the next Supreme Leader of the Tearnats—if he survives long enough to ascend to the throne.Gril was supposed to be on a routine training exercise, but his flight goes horribly wrong when engine trouble forces him to land his fighter in a remote mountainous region. Once stranded on the ground, Gril discovers the malfunction was no accident—and he isn’t alone. He can sense someone watching him from the shadows.Princess Madas Tralang’s curiosity always seems to get her into trouble. When Madas spies an unusual object streaking across the sky before crashing near her location, she believes it is a good omen. After all, she found her pet, L’eon, the last time an object fell from the sky. Her hopes of finding something of value this time are dashed when instead she sees it is nothing more than a big, and rather ugly, Tearnat warrior. Despite her disappointment, she is drawn to the stranger—or should she say his spaceship! The spaceship is just what she has been searching for—a chance to escape the dreary life expected of her! Madas soon finds herself locked in a battle of wits and skill with the strange warrior, but they are not the only players on the field. Danger surrounds Madas and Gril—both from her clan and from the saboteur who is determined to see him dead. Can the Prince of the Tearnats and a small, but deadly alien pet, defeat their foes and save Madas before time runs out, or will Gril’s growing love for a curious Princess doom them both?

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