Saving Runt

Saving Runt: Cosmos’ Gateway Book 7



Amelia ‘Runt’ Thomas lives in the shadows playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the most ruthless criminals in the world. She lives her life by two codes—the code of the digital world of hackers and a personal code to bring down the baddies of the world. She is on target until one fateful night when the touch of a strange man sends an unexpected shock wave through her. Now, the faint whispers in her head are growing louder and more annoying, distracting her from her mission.

Derik ‘Tag Krell Manok’s search for the mysterious woman who changed his life nearly two years before is finally over. A Prime warrior from another world, he knew the moment he touched Amelia that she was his bond mate—but she disappeared beforehe could whisk her away to safety. He is determined not to let that happen again, but he also knows that he needs to proceed with caution because Amelia is unlike any woman he has ever known before.

As their connection grows, so does Derik’s fear that he will be unable to keep Amelia safe from a man who is just as determined to find her and use her amazing talents for his own devious purpose. Find out what happens when an alien warrior, a determined AI named RITA, and a few other surprising twists come together to save a special woman named Runt!

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Have some fun while you wait with my Saving Runt jigsaw.

  • I hope this one comes out on the right date. I took the day off for Core’s and now I’ve wasted a day for nothing. Not to mention I won’t be able to take off the 10th of July.

    • Again, I apologize for the date change for Core’s Attack. I am grateful you are a long term reader of my books and I am sorry I have disappointed you. I am honestly doing the best I can to keep readers up to date when there are date changes to my books.

      • Hi Mlee, I wanted to keep you up to date on what is going on. Over the last month I’ve been extremely tired. I’m pretty sure it is the heat and allergies as I have a sore throat and a cough that I can’t quite get rid of. I’ve been pushing myself to ignore it. While I was in Spokane it hit me hard when not one, but three people mentioned that I needed to be nicer to myself and listen to what my body has been telling me. I’m one of those that will go-go-go until I drop. Well, I’m stumbling at the moment.
        So, long story short Dust and Core are going to be slightly late by a couple of weeks. One of the things I will never do is short-change a story for a deadline. I write as long as the characters talk. Dust is turning out to be an amazing story and nothing like I expected which makes it even more exciting. I know Core and Runt will do the same.
        At the moment, I’m looking at releasing Dust now on July 10th and releasing both Core and Runt on July 31st. That may change depending on/if the exhaustion I’m feeling doesn’t pass. This time of year the heat, humidity and every blooming thing under the sun seems to have my name written all over it.
        I hope you bear with me and aren’t too disappointed. I hate being late with anything and it drives me batty that my body is not listening to my head at the moment.
        If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and thank you for being there as I work through this.

  • Why has the next book in ‘The Cosmos Gateway’ series, ‘Saving Runt’, been released only in paperback?

    • Hi Lucie, Susan is running behind on Core’s Attack and Saving Runt. The good news is that Dust 2: A New World Order has been released, Core is smoking up her computer which means Runt is going to be even better. Susan promises both stories are coming and will be worth the wait. She is hoping to have Core’s done by the end of August and Runt has been moved to October to give her some time to rest and get her strength back.

    • Hi Karen. I’m running behind. I hit a major wall of exhaustion—totally blaming it on the squirrels, they toasted the spinning wheel in my head. It is under repair… aka. Sleep, vitamins, and exercise.

  • Saving Runt is out of stock on Amazon and not in Kindle formate. Please help I really need to finsh reading Cosmos Gateway!

    • Hi Sadie, I’m running behind on the stories. I became ill and it has kicked my butt. I’m on the mend, but it appears I don’t bounce as good or high as I used to! I feel more like a deflated basketball going splat. LOL.

  • Hello Susan, I have read and re-read all your books they are my go to reads. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve not been well and I want to say although I can’t wait for your new books to be released, I hope you will take all the time you need to get 100% well as I hope you will continue to write for many years to come.
    All the best

    • Thank you, Maria! It has taken me longer than expected—of course, I did add a fractured ankle to my list. Note to self: No, broken bones do not feel good.