The Beast Prince videobook poll

I need your help!

The Beast PrinceI have created a videobook of The Beast Prince and completed the first two chapters.

Would you watch the videobook and then let me know in the poll below if you think there is value in me completing the project. Thank you so much.

Would you like to see The Beast Prince videobook completed or is the audiobook good as is?

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  • I am going have to agree with Manon
    I wonder if u can put subtitles on it so deaf people like me can read them on videos thanks I love the way ur video looking !! Keep it up and make more!! Thanks

  • This is my first book by you and so far I love this book. I’m not for audio books, I like to read them for myself. But I do like the video. It has a nice touch to it. It’s a beautiful story.
    Thank You, Carol Kidd

  • I really enjoyed this !! What struck me was that this is the book I am reading right now !! I don’t have audio on my ereader but I did so enjoy this !

    • Yay!! It is a short story like most fairy tales. I’ve always had a love for fairy tales (as long as they end with an HEA). It is fun writing my own.

  • What a lovely tale, have to agree with other comments that the music was too loud making it irritating. However the length was just right for a bedtime tale leading to pleasurable dreams

    • This is awesome feedback. I can change the volume on the music to where it is less noticeable. I’ve always loved fairy tales. They are short, magical reads that make you wish upon a star. I’ll get the music fixed. Thank you!