Touch of Fire

Touch Of Fire by Michele Callahan

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A road trip with friends turns into a nightmare of epic proportions when Kayla Evans’ car breaks down unexpectedly in nowhere-ville, New Mexico. The small town mechanic is acting like an idiot, the town is full of crazies, and a hot hunk of man won’t leave her alone. In fact, he’s following her everywhere, stealing kisses, and making her want a little crazy of her own. But Kayla has a life, and living in the middle of a desert is not her idea of a good time, even if it does come with one amazing, and sexy benefit — a smoking hot hunk named Xander.

To the rest of the world, ancient mythology is just that, fairy tales. But for Xander and his magical brothers, it’s all too real. Born into a long line of powerful but cursed men, he is destined to wait for the goddess to summon a mate for him. When sassy and willful Kayla Evans appears, Xander faces the ultimate test. Kayla may not be able to resist his seduction, but Xander craves more than physical pleasure, he is determined to claim her heart.

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