Wynter and the Stone Dragon

When a doorway between worlds opens, a human king and an alien princess discover love and danger.

Wynter and the Stone Dragon

Rings of Power, Book 1

In this epic showdown of magic, intrigue, and resilient hope, what will it take for a powerful alien princess and her dragon to survive? Can they ever be accepted on Earth?

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When a doorway between worlds opens and unites two lives, anything is possible…

Since she was a child, Wynter Stormhold’s curious nature has taken her to far-off worlds. In one world, she touches the life of a human boy. In another, she finds her most trusted friend, a stone dragon she calls Pow-pow. Hiding her growing powers from her mage family started out as a childish prank, but now she uses them to go on secret adventures.

Sheikh Khalid el Amid’s life changes forever when he encounters a beautiful but alien girl. Wynter brings unexpected miracles during his darkest hour and he vows to always protect her—but then she disappears through a portal.

When grown-up Wynter suddenly reappears years later, Khalid falls in love. All too soon, however, she is ripped from him again. As Wynter and Pow-pow fight for their lives against a mage who would use Wynter and her father’s Rings of Power to control the vast worlds across space, Khalid fights for his people and his rightful place on Earth.

Can an alien princess and her dragon find her way back to her beloved sheikh or will their responsibilities keep them apart forever?

*Previously released in Pets in Space 7! Thank you to everyone who supported the Hero Dogs charity. Together, we make a difference!

A USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, the internationally acclaimed S.E. Smith presents a story with her signature humor and unpredictable twists! Exciting adventure, hot romance, and iconic characters have won her a legion of fans. Over TWO MILLION books sold!


Arastan Stormhold cradled the newborn in his arms. Dread weighed on his heart as he looked at the alien world through the fiery, gold ring. The balcony doors of the bedroom were open, giving a view of an alien hoard overrunning the defenses of the castle.

An attacker burst into the room and the newborn’s mother surged up from her bed and met the threat with a gesture that crackled with magic. When the mother collapsed back onto the bed, her features pale, Arastan watched with growing horror as the life drained from her stunning green eyes.

“Protect her.”

The haunting plea washed over Arastan before he quickly closed the connection between the two worlds. No one but the baby would be coming through to Zelos.

The gold ring that used to be the portal fell to the ground, smaller than his palm once more. He partially turned when Lyia, his beautiful wife, hesitated in the doorway to his lab. Her astonished eyes were locked on the infant in his arms.

“Arastan? Where? What? Oh, my love, she is beautiful,” Lyia whispered, walking forward to tenderly caress the baby’s soft, platinum blonde hair that was streaked with brilliant blue strands.

Lyia glanced back at where the fiery portal had been only seconds ago, her face conveying her awe and trepidation. “How is this possible?”

The Rings of Power had never been used this way. Arastan hadn’t known it was possible to make a traversable portal with the rings. This was not the intended result of his experiment, not at all.

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