Ambushing Ariel: Dragon Lords of Valdier: Book 4

Ambushing Ariel

Dragon Lords of Valdier, Book 4

Mandra Reykill never expects to find his true mate. His dragon is in love, his symbiot is enchanted but all Mandra the man gets is a stubborn female determined to escape him at the first available moment. What’s a mate to do when even the creatures of the galaxy conspire against him?

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Ariel Hamm has always had a tender heart. Her love for her sister, Carmen, and her best friend, Trisha, has always been a priority in her life. But at twenty-eight, she is ready to start focusing on what she wants. After her fiancée unexpectedly ends their engagement, she is searching to redefine who she really is. A pilot for Boswell International, she knows flying is not her first love. Unhappy, she finally makes a decision based on what she wants – to live on the property she purchased in Wyoming and care for the stray and neglected animals that have always captured her heart.

Her plans change suddenly when she finds herself on a warship headed for a distant planet. Determined never to let another man distract her from her dream or break her heart, Ariel makes plans to escape and make her way back home no matter what. What she doesn’t expect is the alien male who is just as determined to keep her by his side!

Mandra Reykill never expects to find his true mate so unexpectedly – or so painfully. He knows his older brother is returning home with his true mate and her friends but never suspected his true mate could be among the women. His dragon recognizes her immediately and falls in love with the delicate beauty. His symbiot is enchanted with her gentle touch and kindness. Unfortunately, all Mandra the man gets is a stubborn female refusing to acknowledge his claim on her and determined to escape him at the first available moment. To top it off, his nice, orderly life is suddenly turned upside down when he finds his home – and his warship – suddenly infested with creatures from all over the galaxy that are just as taken with his mate as his dragon and his symbiot.


Mandra walked into the transporter room listening as one of the men explained Zoran and his mate had already departed for their living quarters. Mandra nodded distractedly. He wanted to meet Zoran’s mate in person but could understand Zoran’s concern for his mate’s health so he wasn’t necessarily surprised he missed them. He had been delayed by some new information he had received from one of his informants about the attack on Zoran. He would have to share the information later with his other brothers. He preferred not to tell them over the V’ager’s  communication system for fear of it being intercepted.

He glanced over to where Creon was talking to several other warriors. His brother was very good at getting information and was probably trying to gauge how much trouble the new females would be. He saw his brother’s look of astonishment followed by a look of doubt. Whatever he was being told it must not be very good.

Mandra walked towards the transporter console. He stopped when he saw his brother Trelon and the three females he had asked him to come meet materialize. One of the females was so small she wasn’t much larger than some of their youths. Mandra was shaking his head in disappointment when Trelon suddenly erupted into motion startling him. Mandra reacted without thinking when his brother yelled for him to grab the other two females.

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