Christmas for a Goddess Audiobook

The dragonlings set out on a mission to save a dying Goddess and heal a lonely man's heart.

Christmas for a Goddess Audiobook

Dragon Lords of Valdier Novella

The dragonlings set out on a mission to save a dying Goddess and heal a lonely man’s heart at the same time.

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Sometimes, even a Goddess needs a touch of magic…

Aikaterina has lived since the dawn of time. Her species was born at the same time as the universe, yet she yearns for something more. Her experiences with the Valdier, Sarafin, Curizan, and especially the Dragonlings, has left her craving something she never expected—a sense of belonging.

Bear Running Wolf is shocked when he discovers a beautiful, alien woman standing in the snow-covered woods on Paul Groves’ Ranch. He knows that not all the visitors to the ranch are human… he just never expected to meet a woman from another world.

Two lonely and lost souls from different worlds have only one wish—not to be alone. Can the magic of Christmas heal them, even if it is only for a short time?


Phoenix nodded and hurried outside the bunkhouse. It was easier to create a large portal outside where there was more room than inside where it was crowded. Her body shimmered as she shifted into her dragon form. She was more powerful in this form when opening a portal. The other dragonlings hushed and spilled out of the bunkhouse behind her.

She rose into the air and focused on the connection between Earth and Valdier. The atmosphere flickered and changed as a portal opened. Soon, the darkness of space brightened until the space reflected a mirror of where Alice, Amber, and the two boys were shone as if they were looking through a window.

“Oh, no, they did not!” Spring groaned.

Oh, no, was right! Phoenix agreed.

The first thing that came through the portal wasn’t any of the dragonlings, but eight of Jabir’s beasts that had caused the others to get into trouble! Phoenix rose higher as the large, hairy beasts bowed their antler-topped heads and jumped through the opening. The creatures verged with four going to the right and four going to the left. The large harnesses around their necks jiggled as the silver bells attached to them announced their arrival. A few seconds later, Jabir and Bálint jumped through followed by Alice and Amber.


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