• Hooray! I didn’t realize that I hadn’t read the last two Cosmos books until i was rereading the series. I was thrilled to have “new” stories. I just finished Merricks story and realized it had been a REALLY long time since it was written. I nervously came over here to see the if there was any mention of Core’s story and here it is!!!! Just a short wait! I’m so glad! Can’t wait for Runt’s story, too. Your books are like the ild Calgon commercials – they “take me away” and I get nothing done until I’m finished. Hmmm. Maybe it is a good thing that it’s going to be about three weeks before Core’s story so this way I can get some work done 😁

    • LOL. Sometimes it is a good thing to just be discovered. I’m looking forward to returning to Cosmos’ Gateway. You are right, it has been too long!

    • Hi Adilene. I’m running behind – I slipped a book in that wasn’t planned – curse you squirrels! (Raises fists and shakes them dramatically while squirrels are ROTFLTAO). Core will be out the first part of July with Runt at the end so a definitely a Cosmos’ Gateway month!

      • Very disappointing, it has been promised several times over to be released at a certain date but every time it was pushed aside😥😥
        Gateway is my favorite of the series and gets excited every time there is a “release date”

  • Hi,
    So is this book available yet? I have been waiting and waiting. I am currently re-reading this series and am on Merrick’s story again trying to drag it out while looking for Core’s story only to not be able to find it anywhere as of yet.
    I am a very avid fan and have just finished rereading the Alliance series as well just so I could read Edge of Insanity, which was great by the way. So, is Core’s book available yet?

    • LOL. Hi Kamia! I’m working on the stories. I plan for a release, but sometimes the stories take a bit longer than I expect. I never want to short change the characters – not like they would let me. 😛 They are bossy!! I’ll post once I have a firm idea on how things are going. I’ve just finished another book which I have to say had me on an emotional roller coaster!!