Festive Fates Anthology

Festive Fates Anthology

Lift your spirits with 11 holiday tales from mysterious Halloweens to outer space Christmas adventures and more!

(This limited-edition anthology is available until February 25, 2024)

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‘Tis the season to get into the holiday mood, both real and alien, with a special holiday anthology from 11 amazing authors who love spreading good cheer—and great stories!

Join S.E. Smith, Jill Wallace, Eliza Sinclair, Kyndra Hatch, Candace Colt, Natalie Palma, Winnie Winkle, Electra Gajdos, Stephanie Harrell, Pauline Baird Jones, and Cassandra Chandler as they fill your holidays with 11 original, never-before-released spirited tales of family and celebration.

Don’t miss out on this limited-edition anthology that will get you in the spirit!

S.E. Smith’s contribution to the anthology is a dragonlings story!

Searching for Thanksgiving

Dragonlings of Valdier Novella

In search of Thanksgiving…

The younger dragonlings are bored and nothing says trouble more than dragonlings looking for an adventure!

When the older dragonlings tell the younger ones a story about the mythical creature called Thanksgiving, Morah decides it is time for the younger dragonlings to go on an adventure to find it. What she doesn’t realize is how hard it is not only to lead but herd the rambunctious mixture of dragon and cat-shifters!

Can the group of explorers survive each other and their journey? If they do, what are they going to do once they find Thanksgiving?


“Lost and alone, Thanksgiving collapsed, exhausted and near death,” Amber exclaimed in a sorrowful voice.

“Oh, no!” Hope sniffed. “We gots to help Thanksgiving.”

Jade stepped forward and bent down. Her gaze swept over them. Morah could feel the excitement building as the older girl paused for effect.

“Soon, the animals gathered around Thanksgiving,” Jade whispered.

Behind her, Bálint, Roam, Jabir, and Zohar emerged from behind the chairs that looked like huge trees. Morah sat forward, her eyes locked on where Phoenix had fallen to the floor. The cloak covered her and she appeared to be sleeping. The boys encircled Thanksgiving.

“What’s they doing? Are they going to eats her?” Leo asked in a hopeful tone.

Amber scowled at Leo while the boys snickered. Morah threw the other throw pillow at Leo. She huffed with satisfaction when the soft pillow bonked the back of his head. He turned with a hiss and shifted to his black panther form. In seconds, story time had devolved into a pillow fight between dragons and cat-shifters. It wouldn’t have been so bad as the girls outnumbered the boys, except that Sacha and Pearl took exception to their cousin being outnumbered by the dragons.

Morah heard the chortle of laughter from the older boys while the older girls just sighed. She yelped when Leo bit down on her tail. With gleaming eyes full of retribution, she did what any self-respecting future Priestess would do… she lit Leo’s tail up like a candle!

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  1. Lynn Mathison says:

    I started by a chance reading of “Hunter’s Claim” and have been reading through all of your books. Bravo, I love your writing. It’s always exciting and I really enjoy the humor you mix into the stories. The Dragonlings are so cute and funny.
    Anyway, what I would love to know is if you are going to do “Jag’s Target”? Just bought “Jarmen’s Jane Doe” and look forward to reading it. You leave me wanting more and sad when the story ends.
    Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Also, I enjoy your newsletter and pictures you share.

    Your Fan,
    Lynn Mathison

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Lynn. Thank you so much for your comment! I have lots more stories to come, including Jag’s Target! I hope you enjoy Jarmen’s Jane Doe. And yes… expect more dragonlings adventures! LOL.

  2. Linda says:

    I love your books; but when will you be releasing additional books about Cosmos Gateway; Lord of Valdier; Dragonlings of Valdier in Apple books?

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Hi Linda, thank you for your comment! I will have Searching for Thanksgiving releasing in late February or early March. This is a Dragonlings/Dragon Lords of Valdier story. I have a special Day-in-the-life story from the Cosmos’ Gateway series releasing February 1st in my monthly magazine. I’m working on several stories at the moment.

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