Survivor Skills

Survivor Skills: Project Gliese 581g



Two warriors—one mission: Survival….

Sergi Lazaroff is a weapons expert and a member of the Russian FSB, also known as Federal Security Service—a nice term for his true profession as a spy. Assigned to the Project Gliese 581g exploration team, his job was supposed to be simple—find out what was in space, retrieve the technology, and return home with it, if possible. When he wakes up on an alien planet, Sergi knows the last part of his mission will be impossible. Instead, he must use his military skills to survive in a world where he doesn’t know the rules.

La’Rue Gant’s search for the mysterious occupant of the pod that landed on the assassin planet of Turbinta quickly turns into a game of predator versus prey. She found what she was looking for—and discovers that the legends may be true when the tables are unexpectedly turned, and she becomes the hunted. What she doesn’t expect is the powerful reaction she has to this man from another world.

When word reaches them that another member of the Gliese’s crew was found, Sergi and La’Rue embark on a mission to save that member at any cost. Caught in the middle of an alien civil war, two fighters from vastly different backgrounds must come together to fight for the survival of the Gallant Order even as the Legion forces close in around them. Can they slip through the traps set up to snare them, or will the Legion Director finally capture not one, but two of the prophesied ancient Knights of the Gallant?

Excerpt from Survivor Skills

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  • Is this book not available in Kindle all amazon is offering is paperback and also all of your incoming books as well I have everything you have written on kindle

    • Jackie, the release of Survivor Skills has been delayed to late May. There will be no preorder and will be available to buy and download as soon as it is released. We will send out a newsletter, and post here and on FB and other social media as soon as Survivor Skills is available. ~Narelle

    • Survivor Skills is out! I’ll have to admit, I love the series but wasn’t sure anyone else like it as much as I do. LOL. I have to write the stories though to find out what happens.