The Warrior’s Whisper

The Warrior’s Whisper

The Fairy Tale Series, Book 2

A lone, modern-day warrior falls in love with the beautiful maiden who saves his life only to realize that she may not be real.

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Aditsan Claw, adrift in a world he no longer understands, knows his spirit is slipping away. Lost, alone, and near death, he accepts that he will soon leave the world of his people. When the vision of a woman appears before him, he concludes he must be dreaming—until he feels her gentle touch against his skin.

Angeni heard the soft sigh on the wind. Curious, she follows the heartbroken whisper. Her journey leads her to a wounded warrior.

Forbidden to help, but unable to resist, Angeni risks her very existence to help the warrior. Can two souls, bound by different rules, find a way to stay together in a world where neither belongs?

Note: The Warrior’s Whisper was previously released in The Glittering World anthology.


Angeni paused and listened. The wind teased her senses, as if playing with her. Curious, she watched as it swirled around, forming a small dust devil.

“What are you trying to tell me?” she demanded.

The wind danced around her, causing her to twist around to keep up with it. Impatient, she wiggled her fingers. The whirlwind moved unevenly before enveloping her. Her long, black hair rose upward. The wind playfully braided it with bits of desert flowers tucked within the strands.

“Well, if you have something to share, tell me,” she instructed.

Grandfather, help me.

The low, raw plea caught her by surprise. She lifted a transparent arm. The wind filtered between her fingers before slipping away, but not before the anguish contained within the words reverberated through her.

She followed the wind, moving effortlessly across the sky. Her world was the spirit realm. Those like her made up the world that the people of Earth knew. They were the stars, the moon, the sun, the wind, the earth that grew the things the people needed. Her skill was in healing. She soothed the ravaged Earth after the others of her kind moved through.

Her gentle touch came after the fires of her brothers scorched the earth, the floods caused by her sisters’ tears, and the damaging winds from her father when he was angry at the way the people below treated the gift he and her mother had given them. They lived by the laws of nature: building, destroying, and healing, but never interfering with the day-to-day lives of those who walked the Earth. That was forbidden.

Yet… the sound of the soulful plea wrapped itself around her gentle heart. The pain in the human’s voice resonated through her. Curious about why the wind had decided to bring her this particular voice, she followed it across the world and along the narrow canyons. She followed the river created by one of her sisters to the end of the canyons carved by the flowing tears until she came to the beginning where the water still fell into the pool created by her father’s fist when he’d pounded the ground.

In the shade of the painted cliff lay a warrior. His side was soaked in blood. She absently noted it was the same color as her mother used to create the red canyon walls. Beside him lay a weapon designed to hunt the animals that were created to feed them.

Help him, the wind whispered to her.

“It is forbidden,” she replied, startled at the unusual request.

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  1. Devroux Carine says:

    A quand le murmure du guerrier en français

    1. S.E. Smith says:

      Je vais voir si je peux le glisser et faire traduire The Warrior’s Whisper plus tôt si vous le souhaitez. ????❤️

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