Tilly Gets Her Man ebook and audiobook

A Cosmos’ Gateway Series Short Take

A delightful, complete short story by S.E. Smith based on her USAT Bestselling Series, Cosmos’ Gateway. Find out just what happens when Tilly sets her sights on Angus Bell.

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  • A quick fyi – I don’t know if this is the proper place to comment on this, but neither link from the S.E.Smith newsletter (to join the Starry Nights book club) worked when I tried to reach the sign up site. The box that came up said ‘server DNS address could not be found’.

    • Hi Geri,
      I don’t think they were expecting it to be such a hit! Someone forgot to increase the bandwidth. I don’t think they were expecting such a positive turnout! Here is the email I received. If you can email them, they can sign you up!
      Hi everyone,

      Just wanted to send a quick note that we’re having an issue with the site. It appears that it’s getting so much traffic that the site is going down at times and causing an error for some people.

      We’re working with the hosting company for a solution, but it might be best if we hold off on sending emails to your newsletter until the issue is fixed.
      I’ll keep everyone posted – if you’ve already sent out an email to your list and are hearing back people not able to to subscribe, forward their message to this email and we’ll get them taken care of. Email is starrynightsbookclub@gmail.com

  • Hi
    First, thank you for the short story. I loved read about Tilly and Angus. I have so much fun with them.
    Today I finished to re read Cosmos” Gateway and I wonder if you will write about Garret, Rico and the other clans’ chiefs?
    I love your books, thank you for bring so much fun to us.

    • Hi Daisy. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Tilly and Angus are such a cute couple. Seeing how they meet made them even more real to me. As far as Garrett, Rico, and the others, yes, they will all have stories. Core and Avery will be next, followed by Derik and Runt, then I will be writing about Brock, Lan, Garrett, Rico, and the other clan chiefs. <3